Top 10 Ways to Volunteer

1. Join one of our door-to-door canvasses:
The BEST way to get voters to the polls.
October 24th @11am in Nyack & South Nyack
October 31st @11am in Piermont, Palisades, and Sparkill
November 1st @Noon in Blauvelt, Orangeburg, and Tappan

Each of these events will last about 2-3 hours. Please email or call 845-270-2189 to rsvp for any canvass and get details of where to meet.

2. Be a Turnout Leader for voters in your neighborhood
In order to win we need as many Democratic leaning voters as possible to show up at the polls on Election Day. With a list of 15-25 such voters in your neighborhood, you can play a critical part in reminding them about the election and making sure your neighbors don’t forget to vote. Email for details if you want to participate.

3. Make phone calls to voters 
Many dates and times–these calls really make a difference! Come for an hour or two, whatever fits your schedule. Bring your cell phone and we’ll give you a list of voters.

There are two phone bank locations:

A) Better Homes & Gardens/Rand Realty office at 46 S. Broadway (the corner of Broadway and Depew) in Nyack. Dates and times for that location are:
Wednesday, October 21 – 5:30-8pm
Thursday, October 22 – 5:30-8pm
Sunday, October 25 – 4:30-7pm
Tuesday, October 27 – 5:30-8pm
Friday, October 30 – 5:30-8pm
Saturday, October 31 – 3:30-7pm
Sunday, November 1 – 2:00-7:30pm
Monday, November 2 – 5:00-8:30pm

B) The buffet room of the Old ’76 House Restaurant at 110 Main St. in Tappan. Dates and times for that location are:

Wednesday, October 21 – 5:30-8pm
Thursday, October 22 – 5:30-8pm
Tuesday, October 27 – 5:30-8pm
Friday, October 30 – 5:30-8pm
Saturday, October 31 – 3:30-7pm
Sunday, November 1 – 3:30-7:30pm
Monday, November 2 – 5:00-8:30pm

Please the campaign at and let him know which of these dates you will be able to make calls.

4. Volunteer on Election Day 
We will need LOTS of volunteers on Election Day–to make reminder phone calls and visits to voters, to help with visibility for the Election, to give rides to polls, and much more. Please email if you can help on Election Day and let him know what time you are available.

5. Come to a debate
There will be 2 more public debates between me and my opponent. Your presence in the audience is a powerful encouragement for me as I debate, and sends a signal to my opponent that the public is watching. The next debate is at the JCC Rockland building at 450 West Nyack Rd., in West Nyack on Sunday, October 25th @ 3pm. Be aware–candidates from all over the county will also be debating so the 3pm time slot for Orangetown Supervisor is approximate only. The debate starts at 2pm with a debate between Sheriff Lou Falco and his Republican challenger. The final debate is hosted by the Tappan Volunteer Fire Association on Thursday, October 29th @ 7pm in the upstairs room of the firehouse at the corner of Main and Washington Streets in the center of Tappan.

6. Put up a yard sign
We have distributed over 400 signs so far but have plenty more to give out. If you want a sign for your lawn email the campaign at and let us know where you live. A volunteer will drop off a sign in a day or two. If you live or own property on a major road and want a larger 4’x4′ sign, let us know that too.

7. Follow the campaign on Facebook 
Check out our Facebook page, Like the page, like the posts, and most importantly, SHARE the posts on your own Facebook timeline or in groups you are part of. Facebook is where many people in our community go for local news and we need your help to get the message out.

8. Visit and share the campaign website
Go to and share the site with any friends who may be undecided about the election. I hate how most politicians just put a few buzzwords on their website, so I’ve included lots of details about my record and priorities as Supervisor. Especially important is the “endorsements” page on the site where voters from throughout the town have been leaving inspiring messages about why they support this campaign. In fact you can even make an endorsement yourself.

9. March with Andy in the Nyack Halloween Parade on 10/24
Volunteers needed to walk in the Nyack Halloween parade with Andy and the Democratic candidates. Meet at 5:00pm at the corner of Depew and Piermont Ave. by Memorial Park. Come with some Halloween attire (a silly hat, a funny jacket, or a full costume) and be ready to hold yard signs, pass out flyers, and give out candy to kids.

10. Pass out flyers at supermarkets and post offices
Standing in front of a supermarket or public location like a post office with a stack of campaign literature can be a great way to meet voters who might not otherwise hear about the election. If you want to help with this type of “visibility” effort, email

Of course if you can’t help with any of these 10 items you can always pitch in by making a donation online and talking about the election to anyone you know.

Thank you for all of your support!

Very Best,

Andy Stewart