Sierra Club Endorses Andy
Endorsed by Sierra Club

Here’s what Orangetown residents are saying about Andy. Add your endorsement here!

“Andy is a proven contributor to our community. He is a professional manager, who is bringing clarity, collaborative energy, and efficiency to our local government. Andy is responsive, well organized and fair – we are fortunate that a person of his caliber and vision is at the helm. Let’s keep him there!”

Cynthia Artin, Sparkill

Endorsed by Rockland Building & Construction Trades Council
Endorsed by Rockland Building & Construction Trades Council

“Having interviewed candidates for Orangetown supervisor from 1979 through 2005 for the original Journal-News Editorial Board, and now as a resident watching Sup. Stewart at work, I suggest he is the most balanced, least politically motivated town executive to come down the pike since Clarence Noyes. This is a man who wants to do the best for the people, not the special interests who will make their fortune and then leave us all with the bills. He is a Democrat, but he acts for all residents, party affiliation not an issue.”

Art Gunther III, Blauvelt

“Andy has brought a lot of heart and hope to Orangetown. The town is a better place for all of us thanks to Andy’s leadership.”

Diane Serratore, South Nyack

“Andy is exactly the type of person that we want to continue to be the Supervisor of
Orangetown.  He is intelligent, fair-minded and he proven to us time and again that he possesses the temperament and integrity to be the Supervisor of the town that we have lived in for 48 and 53 years, respectively.

Andy treats everyone with respect and dignity.  One of our fathers, a senior citizen, had issues getting his power restored after Hurricane Sandy.  After a number of days without results from O&R,  we contacted Andy and his response was swift. He was personally on his way over to my father’s house to speak with him and assess the situation when the power was finally restored.

That is what we both look for in an elected official and that is what we have with Andy Stewart.”

Mavis and Jay Ronayne, Pearl River

“Intelligence and integrity… an unbeatable combination! Everything he has accomplished has been beneficial to Orangetown.”

Laurey Lebenson & Lou Mundt, Tappan

“Andy’s terms in office have been anything but “business as usual”. He’s worked very hard to maintain our town’s unique appeal, while making capital improvements, and saving money. Andy is truly a “do-er” who’s always thinking of the best interests of our town. I can’t think of a better, more fair, thoughtful person to have as Supervisor.”

Karen Reina, Pearl River

“Andy has worked hard to make town government responsible financially and environmentally. He is aware that the more citizens know about what goes on, the more they are likely to participate and contribute in their communities.”

Suzanne Graham, South Nyack

“Andy is the embodiment of a public servant.  His commitment to our town and its future makes me so glad we made our home here!”

Chris Haviaris, Pearl River

“Intelligence, ability to work with anyone to solve problems, incredibly nice, very innovative, progressive/innovative, responsible for bringing in budgets and NOT raising taxes. Andy always shows up, always listens, and works hard. We could use a boatload of elected representatives at every level of Government like Andy.”

Kevin Kilner, Tappan

“Andy has shown incredible skill in working with a Republican Town Board. He is intelligent, honorable, and really cares about Orangetown with a personal touch. He advocates for the environment, which is what gives this town its special character.”

Aleksandra Becnel, Tappan

“He’s done a great job, particularly in helping to stop the wasteful and useless water desalinization project in Rockland County. He stood up to United Water NY and state-wide pressure. He is competent, effective and even-tempered; what more could we ask for in a local politician?”

Greta Nettleton, Palisades

“He represents everyone–the interests of all communities–with compassion, intellect and creativity.”

Dan Kaplan, South Nyack

“I’ve worked with Andy for the last four years as his Deputy Supervisor. He is fair, honest, and works hard for the people of Orangetown.”

Allan Ryff, Tappan

“For many years Andy has been putting the people and the environment of Rockland County first. I have seen him at clean-ups, at rallies, at hearings, wherever the good fight is, Andy is there fighting.”

Cherie Raglin, Nyack

“He is the champion for good government in Orangetown.”

Shire Chafkin, Tappan

“Andy is a great guy who always has our town’s best interests at the heart of every decision. He has done a wonderful job so far and I can’t wait to see what another term will bring. Vote for Andy!”

Georgeann Caperna, Blauvelt

“Andy Stewart has been doing a grand job, and our town needs his continued leadership!”

John Buckley, Orangeburg

“Andy is so bright, so hard-working and knowledgable, how could I not support him?”

Laurie Peek, Tappan

“Andy listens to our concerns and addresses them in an open, honest way. He’s sincere about wanting Orangetown to be a better place for all of us to live. And he works effectively with any and all who share his vision and approach. A great town supervisor, after his years of work with Keep Rockland Beautiful.”

Jim Uleman, Pearl River

“I support Andy because he is good for Orangetown. He has kept us fiscally healthy during his terms. In addition, he cares about the environmental health of Orangetown and about the well being of its citizens.”

Tracey West Hancock, Pearl River

“I support Andy Stewart for several reasons. I worked with him during his last years as director of Keep Rockland Beautiful, where his energy and dedication to making Rockland a cleaner, safer and better place made me marvel at his commitment to our community. That he took this to the next level in a high profile political leadership position was a delight, but no surprise. His professional background, keen intelligence and ability to work with people and the business community is further enhanced by a moral sense of Rockland’s rich history, paired with his desire to guide Rockland’s future in a sustainable way. Building community and creating coalitions to solve problems in innovative ways are just some of the ways he brings fresh air to Orangetown!”

Janet Weber, Pearl River

“I enthusiastically endorse Mr. Andy Stewart for re-election as Orangetown Town Supervisor. It is very difficult in a small town to find qualified people during their prime years to risk their job every two years, while they are supporting their family. We are fortunate to have him.

I met Mr. Stewart at Pearl River Day during his first campaign. I found him to be open minded, curious and sincere. Since then I have observed his work up close and have had many conversations on Town matters. This includes those related to responsibilities with me being on the Board of Directors of the Orangetown Housing Authority (Cortwood Village), the Pearl River Chamber of Commerce, and the Sparkill Creek Watershed Alliance, as well as Committees on the Rockland County Task Force on Water Resource Management.

Mr. Stewart is the real deal, he is smart, honest, has great communication skills, has an excellent understanding of the Town and its government, cares for the well being of the Town residents, and makes good decisions. 

Orangetown is very lucky to have him.”

Robert Tompkins, Pearl River

“He’s honest and has done a good job on the budget!”

Barbara Craig, Pearl River

“I have worked with Andy for many years as a volunteer, a designer, and a campaign supporter. I find him intelligent, sincere, unflappable, and quietly funny. He will always do his best and what is best for all of us in the community.”

Jennie Chien, Nyack

“Andy is a problem solver. He knows how to run a tight ship. He cares very much about people. Orangetown is lucky to have him.”

Steven White, Spring Valley – Advocate for East Ramapo Public School Children